Adventure Views!

This was the first "real" nature pictures website, with hundreds of scenic pictures back in '98.

This is still the only free site where you can easily see over 5,000 views from adventures deep inside the wildest places in the 48 states and southern Canadia, without logging in, passwords, cookies, popups, redirects, spam, ads, or the usual web annoyances.

Most nature pics are of rarely seen adventures, because of dirt roads that'll chew up any 4WD vehicle, and then loooong, difficult, expensive, painful, and dangerous hikes and vantage points. Because of this, there's over a thousand adventure views you won't see anywhere else.

Also these nature images look like the actual places do, because the colors and contrast and all that were not digitally manipulated to be "more dramatic," like most all other nature pix sites do. You can download the pix and use your editing software to play around with all that to make them look like pix on other sites.

Download a sample pic at full resolution (to see an example of what used to be able to buy)

There are still only 27 pages with ~100 scenic pictures each below. I may get around to uploading the other 2,500+ someday. The deal with this is that is the pix were taken with an 80's top-of-the-line Nikon 35mm SLR, so they're too "old-looking" to be cool these days. Then it's a billion dollars for a new real camera, and then another billion to go on all of these adventures again, so this is probably going to be it.

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