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Everything You Need to Know About the Current Biting Midge Infestation!

Diptera Ceratopogonidae: AKA: No-see-ums / Chiggers / Sand fleas / Berry bugs / Punkies / Culicoides furens

The word that sums up biting midges best is; horrific. The next is, horrifying.

There's currently an epic bug infestation in this whole region (the whole West Coast of the US). Fifty miles in from the Pacific Ocean, from the North Pole to San Francisco, is basically uninhabitable.

Itching, scratching, in pain, red dots all over your skin like you got stung by bees, pissed off, can't concentrate because every ten seconds it feels like like something is pinching you, confused, at your wits end, nobody has a clue, there is zero useful information on the subject anywhere, etc. and so forth? Can't sleep?! Red / pink dots all over your body (mostly your face)? Sorry, not a rash or other heath problem. Nose running, tickling, twinging, itching, bleeding, sneezing, coughing, and all that - and you're not "sick?" Feel like you're getting a shot from the doctor all over, all day all night, then you look and there's nothing there? Something moving around in your eyes, nose, lips, hair, or ears that you can't get out? Feel like something is crawling on your skin, and there's nothing there? Feel like a feather is touching your face, and there's nothing there? You look and feel the best you can, and there's nothing there? Have no clue about what's doing this? Everyone you ask, even Jeeves, is equally as clueless?

The good news, is that this page is finally here to expose it ALL.

But the bad news is, that it's all because of invisible microscopic mosquitos, called biting midges.

More bad news - because of their extreme small size, there's NO SOLUTION to these vicious parasites!!! They're the worst bugs ever because of their size. They're the size of a mosquito's eye, and are mosquitos to mosquitos.

Then guess what? Even more bad news! Biting midges are killed off enough to not be a life-threatening emergency (like it is now), from cold dry weather from Oct to Nov. If it's cold and dry enough to eliminate most of an area's stagnant water, then most midges cannot reproduce. Then midge levels are normal, and most people ignore them (AKA being ignorant of a potential life-threatening insect infestation).

So the current infestation is because of the record warm Nov and then near-record rain ever since. The Perfect Storm for a biting midge infestation of epic and never-seen proportions! While on the subject, the government should look into the possibility that the Russians deliberately infested the West Coats with one of the worst cold-resistant biting midges they have, just to punish us for punishing them. If the epic unusual weather is not to blame, then try the next logical reason to have a life-threatening insect infestation.

So midges overpopulate in summer, and then mostly die off in the fall and winter. Not this time! The bad news is the current infestation is just going to get worse UNTIL OCT 2017 - and then only if it's a normal dry and cold month!!! So if the fall of 2017 is just like 2016, then this epic insect infestation is just going to get worse, then worse, then worse, repeat until people die from midges hourly.

All midges need when born is unfrozen plant life of most any kind (because they're mostly veggysauruses). Then if it's under 70f, they'll do the parasite thing and dart to you from 50 feet away, just to get to live on your warm, wet, yummy skin. Your nose if their primary target, but because they're sucky fliers, they miss and need to try a few times before they can get where they want to be - which is in your nose. If they don't make it to your nose, then when they get hungry, they'll crawl around and find a pore to suck sweat out of.

So its head is buried in your pore with its bum sticking out. When the female reaches puberty which is about after 15 hours of life (out of around 50 hours total), it emits pheromones that attracts males. The horny male then finds the female stuck in a pore with its bum sticking out, so you can guess what happens next (then it dies). Then when the egg sack starts to grow, it buries itself in your pore as far as possible until there's a blood vessel nearby. Then it jackhammers its way into it, fills the egg sack up with your yummy blood, and then backs out of your pore. That's how something microscopic can inflict hurt, and leave a big red dot, just like a bee sting. Then it darts to standing water, lays the egg sack, and then dies. Then there's 100 new midges.

So as you can see, or will if you read all of this - there is NO ESCAPE, and NO SOLUTION!!!

Even moooooooooore bad news - every little red / pink dot on your body (mostly your face then mostly around your nose) - each one is responsible for creating 100 more midges! This is because it used the hemoglobin the blood it sucked out of you to feed the egg sack growing inside females. Then all it has to do is find a drop of water - even if it's outside a Les Schwab Auto Center, and is contaminated with every fluid from every vehicle. Then lay its egg sack in the water, then die. Then, thanks to you being an ignorant clueless meat-sack, now there's 100 more midges biting your face. So as you can see again, everyone being clueless is the second biggest reason for the infestation. If you don't do anything to stop them, then YOU are a huge part of the problem!

Then if have kids and/or pets, then you're soooooooooo screwed. Not only is life a living hell for them too, because they're totally 100% defenseless (because midges couldn't care less about flea collars), and they could be contracting an endless list of diseases that could stump a normal idiot doctor - and the end result is your kid or pet could die from midges. In my stupid little opinion, an American child, and ten pets, die every day from midges - and nobody has a clue about what caused it. And BTW - every time your dog or cat comes in from being outside, it's covered with hundreds of infant midges that will drive everyone in the home insane for a week.

If you have kids, and they're being eaten alive by midges, and there's nothing you can do about it, then guess what? That's a freaking national health crisis. Why? Put yourself into the shoes of an infant. How are you going to turn out in adulthood, if all you've even known your whole life is pestilence, pain, suffering, itching, scratching, bleeding, going insane, everyone is clueless, so on and so forth? It's not possible to study, or concentrate on anything but your face being eaten by a new bug every minute - in addition to all of them from the previous minutes. When all you know all your life is that "life sucks," then that explains why so many adults thinks life sucks. It's just as simple as that.

Anyway, midges 100% explains why people are just plain bonkers in FL, and places like Longview, WA. Everyone is full of fear, anger, hate, and are confused, pissed off, sleep-deprived - there is a list, and it's all BAD. The bottom line is that if anyone had to endure the never-ending 24/7 horror of having midges in your home, then I can now 100% understand why they are crazy, grumpy, broke and broken, violent, stupid - there is a list, and it's all BAD. I just spent a year and a half there, and it was the most horrendous experience of my life - even worse than high school or nursing the dead and dying family in Detroit, MI!

At first, I thought it was either my imagination, or they just really like me because of my million-dollar blood (because of the Life Extension program). In Nov '16, I bought socks at the Kelso JC Penny's. The cashier was a beautiful young blonde blue-eyed girl that had the midge red spots ALL over her. She was completely covered, and was obviously not up to speed. In Dec, I went back to buy underwear, and I asked about her. She died. If she would have known what was eating her alive, then maybe she could have moved out of Longview before it was too late, but not. She probably died not even knowing the cause was being eaten alive by invisible microscopic mosquitos. The point is that in Oct, 10% of the Longview population has 10% of their bodies covered in red spots. In Nov, it was 20%. In Dec, 50%. When I escaped the last week of Jan, 65% of everyone has the telltale red spots on their face. Then when I tell them what it's from - THEY FREAK OUT to the point that I stopped telling. "WTF do you mean this is ALL because I'm being eaten alive by parasitic insects?!?!?! How is that even possible" The answer is - this is your idiot government at work! Everyone is too afraid of Trump to realize "The End" has already started/

So the Feds need to elevate this to national health crisis level ASAP, because that's what it is. Why? Because midges are doing more psychological harm to our children than all of the cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol combined! I told them in Dec 2016, this page has been up and thousands have seen it, and they STILL have done absolutely nothing! It's not in the news, nobody is doing anything, a total repeat and to be expected performance from the idiot Federal government. Total 100% colossal hopeless broken failure!

Now how they "fly:" They don't actually fly. They dart. So when they're wanting to go somewhere, they aim, jump, and their wings serve as guide fins, until they crash land. That's how and why you can feel something that small land on you. Then didn't just land, like a mosquito. They crashed into you at top speed. When they're on you and you didn't feel a feather touching you, then they crash landed on your clothes or hair, and then started the slow crawl to where they want to be - which is to live in your nose - where they find a nice big juicy nose hair to cling on and live with all the food and water they need, until they reach puberty. Then they have sex, and then suck blood out of the inside of your nose, t hen they leave to lay their eggs in stagnant water, then die. So when people say you need to find and eradicate their breeding grounds, that can't be done, because your nose is their home.

Now about what happens when you feel them biting, and you do the itchy and scratchy thing: If and when your fingernail annoys them enough, they'll think, "Well this is not the perfect place, so where is better?" When they realize that with just a quick darting, they can be in a better place, then you'll feel the pain stop and them landing on a different part of your body at the same time. So you did nothing to get rid of them. There is NO getting rid of them, period. Once they deem your meat sack worthy, they will complete their life cycle regardless what you do. So when you do the itchy and scratchy thing, all that does is make them dart to your face or hair, where they will eventually end up in midge paradise - which is is your nose. So your choice is to let them feed off of you, or make them change location to your nose, where they resume feeding on you.

Then as soon as you increase your heart rate, which any form of exercise will do, dozens from all over (inside your home) will be all over you in seconds. So one way they're helping to "reboot the species," is to ensure nobody ever has sex ever again. To do so would mean being instantly attacked by so many that everything will stop immediately (especially if you don't know why you become a human pin cushion every time you start breathing hard). So it is only a matter of time before the end result of this midge infestatoin shows up in the demographics.

They're everywhere - if you ride your bike, once a minute you'll feel whole clouds of them all over like you're riding through an invisible dust storm. You can seal up your house with plastic sheeting and duct tape all you want, and they will still fly right in, because that's how small they are. No escape in your vehicle either. When you drive around and look at all life forms, you will see every dog, cat, and human sneezing, coughing, and putting their hand on their face trying to get rid of bugs that are not there - ALL of them, 24/7.

Shine a flashlight while brushing your hair at night and you'll see "dust that flies and bites." Those are midges. If you can see them like this, then you are infested.

Midges are very stupid, very fast but clumsy "fliers," fearless, insidious, arrogant, vicious, relentless, don't care if it's ten degrees, don't care about pesticides, don't care about darkness, wind, rain, snow, elevation, direct sunlight when it's hot (like mosquitos), don't care that you're trying to kill them because they know there's nothing you can do to harm them, have no natural predators other than getting stuck in a spiders' web, are hard as rocks when they hunker down, can swim and hold their breath under most all liquids for minutes, and are way too small to do anything about.

So small that once they smell carbon dioxide (your breath) coming from inside your house, they are inside living on your skin, hair, and clothes in less than a minute - regardless of how new, high, underground, secure, bug-sprayed, or bug sealed it is. If your carbon dioxide can get out of your home, then midges can very easily get in - within seconds.

So all it takes is for the wind to blow the right way, which is your house being downwind from stagnant water a mile away, and a cloud of midges will smell your carbon dioxide, and ALL of them will follow it to the source - which is your nose. It may take them a few minutes to get from outside to your nose, but they will be there eventually, and there is little-to-nothing you can do about it. Then there's no escape - anywhere. You think you can just wait it out by going to the mall, see a movie, or eat out. HA! Businesses not only practice zero midge control, they have 100 times more midges than a normal house, because their doors and windows are opening all the time. Go to another house and if they have pets, and/or if they open their windows with normal screening, then it's going to be ten times worse than your home (after you did all you can do). So going from swampland and toward the dry desert is the only escape - then they're there too!

That's THE problem - when there is no escape, because there are so many outside that there is a new midge eating your face inside your home every minute. If you can afford $750 to $1,000, then after you did everything on the midge control list. Then you can build the one and only solution to the problem of biting midges driving your insane because they're in your home making it so you can't sleep, concentrate, or be anything other than pissed off.

When the world ends and there's nothing but radioactive dirt, ants and cockroaches left - that won't last, because there's a super-predator that's far above them on the food chain. So all that's going to be left is biting midges. Why? Because these are the only things that will be left that can feed off ants and roaches. They are at the top of the insect food chain. Nothing can do anything to them, because of their size and speed, and they're parasites to other parasites, so.... On one of the Wiki pages, there's a pic of a teenage praying mantis eating a bee - with a midge eating the mantis (the mantis can't get rid of it, because it can't reach it). Everyone thinks the praying mantis is at the top of the insect food chain, but not even close. Then can't get to the midges, and the midges can get to them, so....

A normal home window screen is like an open two-car garage door to the biggest midge, so thinking that will keep them out of your home is futile. The good expensive bug netting with holes 1/10th the size of normal screening from camping stores that claim to keep no-see-ums out - all completely useless, because they fly right through. Four layers of clothes? Matters not, they fly right through. If air or water can get through, then so can midges.

They're mostly veggysauruses, but not only do they look and have most all of the characteristics of a mosquito, they operate in exactly the same ways. This means to reproduce, they need the hemoglobin from another life form's blood to mix with its egg sack, which is laid in stagnant water. All just like mosquitos, so basically, biting midges are microscopic invisible mosquitos.

Other than being 1/25th the size, the only differences are mosquitos use a long straw-like proboscis to suck your blood, whereas midges use a jackhammer to bust your blood vessels open so it can gorge on your blood. Mosquitos first inject an anti-coagulant / anesthetic mix, so you won't feel it, and your blood won't clot. Midges do neither. They don't inject anesthetic, because they don't need to hide from you out of fear that you will swat and kill them. There's nothing you can do to them. Then they don't need to use an anti-coagulant, because they don't care if your blood clots while feeding. They'll just turn on their jackhammer and bust through until fresh blood flows again. That's why they are a bazillion times more painful per unit of size than any other life form's bite on the planet. There is no escape, therefore, there is no peace.

If they're in your home, then there's only three solutions Move / Endure / Get the local government to eradicate all stagnant water. Obviously, only moving works.

Yes, you can die from pestilence! At least two people on my old street in Longview have already killed themselves over the last year during the current horrendous infestation. This is because of the berry bushes and dozens of multi-mile-long flood-control ditches in everyone's backyard, which are basically stagnant water swamps with midge clouds for miles and miles.

The current midge infestation is a bazillion times worse than anything I've ever seen - and I've been everywhere, done everything, and seen it all. The only worse places in the US is FL (the whole SE), and then Alaska. If you're wondering why there are no people living in Alaska, this is why (not the cold nor wet / snow / lack of jobs / light / stores / transportation / generic infrastructure / parks / public space / etc. and so forth).

Then if you're wondering why there's so much random, unexplained, crazy in FL, thereyago. Bugs were on the top of my list of reasons why I bailed from Tampa in a year. You drive on the coast and see miles of beautiful beaches, most all with no people. So you think, there's people everywhere, why are there none at the beach on such a nice day? Then you stop and walk onto the beach. Immediately, the midges attack, and you feel your feet tingling. Then in a minute itching, then after another minute, it feels like you put your foot in a bee hive. Then you get it - most all FL is infested with "sand fleas" to the point that most Floridians stay holed up in their boxes all their lives. Only on select beaches where someone is making money from it, and then spending it on saturating the whole beach with toxic midge pesticides, are there people out doing the beach thing. So you can only go to "urban beaches" in FL. All wild beaches are free of all life, other than midges.

Insects are the #1 cause of human deaths by "animal." If you added up all of the deaths caused to humans by all non-humans, which means, lions, tigers, bears, dogs, cats, snakes, etc. and so forth; insect bites kill dozens times more people than all of them combined. So if you think things are bad here in the US, try going anywhere else, and you'll be wanting to sing The National Anthem at sports games from now on!

When it comes to midges, you die from exasperation, because there's only so much you can take before you literally go insane (which goes a long way explaining why people just break and "go postal" at random - especially in places like FL, Longview, WA, and now pretty much the whole West Coast.

After escaping Longview (Jan '17), I drove the west coast to see how bad it really is. Nothing bug midges on the whole Oregon coast all the way down to Port Orchard. There, I saw the first bug since October - a gnat. Why? Because the first thing that happens when midges get out of control, is they eat ALL other bugs. So I went to the deserts of southern CA. Same midge infestation! Then I saw a mosquito in Death Valley (BTW - Death Valley is cold and damp in the winter because it's surrounded by snowy mountains, and all that cold air sinks to the bottom. Then I had to go all the way down to Joshua Tree to not be infested. They're still there, but nowhere near everywhere else.

So unless and until the government fixes this extreme crisis, or God stops being angry, you can forget all about adventures, hiking, biking, camping, etc. and so forth. Take a look at who's out enjoying nature on the west coast since November - nobody that's who. Nobody wants to go outside, and they don't even know why.

Everything else has already died from midges! The problem where I (used to) live was a ten-mile-long ditch / swamp in the backyard. A quarter mile down, there was an actual swamp, and this time of year, it is usually full of frogs, ducks, and everything that makes so much noise you can hear it for a mile - along with the back yard always having at least one squirrel or bird. NO MORE!!! The whole area is completely vacant of all life - even ALL other insects, except for the midges that ate them all. The local dogs and cats that make their rounds on their own are gone too. No moms with babies in strollers, no kids out playing, no people at the parks / beaches/ rivers / lakes, no walkers / bikers / motorcyclists / joggers, nobody. And the thing is, none of them have a clue about why they do not want to go outside ever again. ALL life other than midges, either gone, or will be soon.

Everyone needs to realize the magnitude of the "crisis," and why the CDC or other Federal governmental agencies needs to step up and spend a bazillion dollars in eradication programs ASAP.

Why? Because all it takes is one midge to bite one infected bird (which happens a bazillion times every second) to get a form of "bird flu" that kills humans, and that will be the end of all humans. FYI: Bird flu is caused by viruses in dust and rocks falling from space and infecting flying birds as they fall to the ground. This is why you don't want to eat foul like ducks, nor their eggs. You want to keep your poultry limited to non-flying chickens only. I got sick and almost died from duck eggs bought from the neighbor's farm back when the first real bird flu scare was in the news. And I cooked them well too), Midges could make Zika look like a minor flu problem. We can deal with bugs big enough to see, like mosquitos. But midges, not. There's the uber-danger from biting midges.

Why? Because the government needed to deal with midges decades ago. Since they are asleep at the wheel, it could turn into a pandemic before they even agree that midges exist.

Ask anyone in any part of any level of government about midges, that isn't in the forestry or bug biz, and more than likely they won't even know what the word means. Tell them they're invisible microscopic mosquitos, and they'll laugh at you. Tell them about the basic content of this page, and they'll just deny it all. It would take them weeks to even agree that all of the symptoms described above are caused by midges. Then it would take weeks for them to send someone out to catch them for study. Then weeks to determining they are spreading the virus. Then weeks of meetings to decide if it's worth having more meetings. Then more weeks of meeting trying to decide if it's worth spending money on. Then more weeks of meeting trying to figure out where they're going to get the uber money needed for eradication (when the Federal government is already borrowing over a trillion dollars annually as it is just to keep from going under). Then more weeks of meetings about how to spin the subject to the masses, so millions of people don't all freak out at once. Then countless weeks of making the insecticide and delivering it.

So add it all up, and biting midges could be the end of the world at any day now. Hollywood even somewhat depicted this in the modern version of the 50's movie, "The Day the Earth Stood Still," when Gort dissolved into a bazillion world-eating midges. In infested areas, which is now the whole West Coast, they're already eaten all of the bugs, birds, rodents, and all, so the only thing left are large mammals, like deer. Then when they're gone, there won't be anything to eat but you and your pets. Think it's funny now, eh? Just wait, because they will be coming after you when there's nothing left to eat. THEN midges will be in the news - when millions of people are all whining about the same thing, then the idiot government will finally be forced to act.

Anyway, even with no crisis, midges kill hundreds of Americans on a daily basis from a long list of reasons. The top five being getting infected with an actual disease, suicide, going postal, just giving up on life and drowning yourself in alcohol so you won't feel them eating you 24/7, and then all of the reasons people die because of lack of sleep - like getting fired from your job, and then dying from homelessness and starvation.

So if you add them all up, midges are partly to mostly responsible for directly, or indirectly, causing the deaths of hundreds of Americans a day. So about one American dies every five minutes because of biting midges. In countries like Africa, it's probably tens of thousands a day. Because some of the ~40,000 different types of midges don't care about extreme cold, probably thousands a day in Russia die by midge. If you're wondering why the evil frozen imploding Russians are always grumpy, then thereyago.

So it's way past time humanity dealt with biting midges once and for, eh?


There's over 40,000 types of midges, and no data on what percentage are vampires or not.

How to be a hero in your town: Just print this, round up some people with the proverbial flaming pitchforks, and then show up at the Mayor's office at 9:01AM the next business day, and demand they drain every drop of stagnant water from its jurisdiction, and then lobby the Federal government to spend bazillions of dollars spraying the area with a toxic insecticide.

I would have done this in Longview, WA, but hey, its Longview, WA!!! I was in a panic mode preforming an emergency move out, so not to that. But on 19 Jan around 3PM, I did flag down a cop with a Chaplain logo on the side of the car door and told him about this. In case you're wondering why "I don't care anymore," here's one of a bazillion reasons - his exact words when I told him all has to do is bring this to the peoples attention, and he'll be The Hero of Longview. Get this, he says, "I don't care." he laughed and said he didn't care three times, so I shook my head in disbelief and we drove off.

So be warned that if you try to be a hero, there's a good chance your local idiot government will just ignore you.

About everything everyone else says to do about midges - I've tried them all, and NONE OF THAT WORKS!!! So do not waste resources on things that only attract them, like bowls of vinegar and dish soap.

After months of research, calling exterminators, and "becoming one with the midges," I now have a Ph.D. in midges.

If you live in a midge-infested area, then there's a very small list of things you can do to live a normal life. You pretty much need to move out ASAP and get to drier ground.

So the bottom line is there is NOTHING OF VALUE WHATSOEVER ANYWHERE ELSE, period, full-stop. I know because I've read and tried EVERYTHING to get rid of them inside the house for months.

God is sending a message that humanity has passed a certain point in Nov '16, and now it's on to the "punishment phase." For decades I've been telling "the idiot government," "Y'all better pull your heads out and fix your broken bums ASAP, because what you're doing is making God angry. Then this time around, it won't just be lightning, thunder, earthquakes, solar flares, tsunamis, floods, hurricanes, tornados, asteroid / meteors / comets from space, and ALL of the usual. He's been using that to warn us all year, with zero effect. This time it's going to be WORSE, MUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH WORSE. Don't know what worse could be, but you'll see."

It's either that, or the Russians did it. More than likely, it's a new world-ending punishment because of global warming. That's the most logical answer, because the record warm in Nov is what caused it (when we needed cold and dry to kill them off annually). So it's a combination of God punishing us for ignoring global warming, with maybe a little help from our Ruskie friends.

So the bottom line is that God finally gave up on us and has rebooting the species. We were warned, we didn't listen, time is very much up, and now it is all about final punishments.

Well, now we know what's worse - midges!!! World-eating invisible microscopic mosquitos coming to your town soon to eat you alive.

Think that's funny, eh? Just wait until they show up, and there's NOTHING you can do. Then you'll see.

So best of luck with all that - you walking talking breathing warm +wet yummy bag of midge meat, you!

News: Someone is finally noticing...